Appraisal Services

We provide appraisals for

Tax Valuations / Liquidation

Settling an estate from a death, or probate, often requires an appraisal to establish fair market value for the residential property involved.

Knowing the value of the property assists with required tax information disputes, distribution and closing of the estate.


An employee relocation appraisal is essential in developing an opinion of the anticipated sales price of the employee’s home. 

The appraisal is a value based on the current market. The appraisal evaluates market trends and conditions that could influence the property while it is being listed for sale.

Estate Planning/
Wealth Management

Estate planning puts you in control of your future. 

Often, the first step in determining how an estate should be managed is to get a clear and complete picture of what your assets are worth. An appraiser can assess the true value of properties. Once you know where you stand monetarily, your financial adviser can more accurately help you plan for your financial future.


Before listing your home for sale, you need to know what it is realistically worth!

An appraisal provides an accurate assessment of the current market value of your home. This assists the seller with setting a competitive list price so your home attracts buyers’ attention and has the best chance of selling for a good price within a reasonable timeframe.


When buying a home with cash, it is imperative that you buy the home at its true value. 

A professional appraisal report performed by a qualified, certified, state-licensed appraiser provides you with an objective, third party opinion of the property’s current market value. This ensures that the home buyer receives an accurate assessment of the property and makes a sound financial decision.


In a divorce, the parties involved must come to a decision on how they want mutual assets to be divided. 

One of the largest assets for many people is their home. The appraiser serves as a nonpartisan source and is impartial to both parties. The appraisal report provides an independent unbiased valuation of what the home is worth. If the parties want to sell the home, they have a better idea of what price to set. On the flipside, if a buyout is the chosen option, both parties will feel like they have gotten a fair assessment.


When purchasing, refinancing or selling a home, obtaining an appraisal is a crucial part of the process. 

When a person goes through a bank to obtain a loan, the lender will require that an appraisal be completed to ensure the most appropriate value of the property. The home appraisal is a non-biased opinion of value that assists the lender with completing the mortgage finance transaction.


If you are looking to buy property as an investment, the appraiser first starts with assessing the fair market value of the property itself. 

Then, the appraiser evaluates comparable properties in the area and includes information about leases and monthly rental prices, minus the cost of utilities and other expenses. You can then use this cash flow analysis to evaluate how much rental income the property would likely generate each month. When deciding on a time to sell an investment property, an appraisal is crucial to make the most return on the sale.


Need someone to testify on your behalf?

At Desert Eagle, we can testify in court and be an expert witness for any dispute over the value of a property.

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